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Point of sale

A simple point of sale terminal for iPhone, Android and Desktop.

Easy to use, and designed to allow you to scale your box office staff up or down to meet demand. Works with your existing hardware, or you can get a refresh with our shiny new tools.

Mobile Ready

We have a desktop version too, but mobile gives you the greatest flexibility. It works both online and offline on any supported device.

Set sales targets and commissions

Motivate your sellers to engage with customers and sell more by setting targets and giving them commission on their sales.

EMV Card Payments

Accept chip cards, contactless cards, apple/android/samsung pay as well as swipe and signature cards all from the same mobile device, not 2.

Card Payments

We partnered with Verifone to build a single device that houses an iPhone SE and Verifone payment terminal in a single unit. Your staff no longer have to carry multiple devices.

Fully Certified

PCI PTS V4.0 Certified, SRED EMV Level 1 & Level 2 certificates Mastercard Pay Pass, Visa Pay Wave, American Express Expresspay MasterCard TQM MasterCard TIP, Visa ADVT certified Visa Ready certified


As well as Visa, Mastercard and AMEX we support 28 other local payment methods from all over the world.

Sales Targets

Set sales targets throughout the day with commission rewards if they're hit. We'll display their progress in realtime and let them know how much they've made in rewards.


Commission totals are printed with their end of shift summary report. They can either be paid out on the spot or generated through a report and added onto their payroll.

Easy Reconciliation

See sell shifts in realtime and breakdown of tickets by payment types, and product. Operations and finance can then check cash and approve shifts at the click of a button.

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Live location tracking

Track where each of your point of sale units are and which agent is logged into them. You can also go back in time to see where the terminal has been and who was using it before.

Sales Heat-map

See a heat-map of where sales occur across the city or around your venue and direct staff to that location.

Free Hardware & Upgrades

With our rental option you pay absolutely no up-front costs and we'll upgrade the device for free every 2 years to the latest devices.

$60 per month

Includes an iPhone SE, Printer, Payment Terminal, and 4G Data. Everything you need for a fully functional point of sale terminal.
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