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Bus Tracking

A mobile website for customers to see each stop and the live location of the boat/bus

Live tracking

We track the GPS of the bus using either a 3rd party tracking provider you already use or the live GPS location of our own mobile Point of Sale terminal

No more unhappy customers

Customers are never left waiting unsure how long until the next bus arrives. This has often been the largest source of bad reviews.

Up-sell tickets and offers

As guests are travelling around using the app, you can send them special offers and promotions relevant to their current location.

Live Scheduling

Using the GPS location of the bus, the timetable and route map we calculate ETAs for each stop so the customer knows exactly when the next bus is meant to arrive, and expected to arrive (ETA).

Live ETAs

A real-time ETA for the next bus is provided for each stop on the map.

Points of Interest

Display points of interest for each stop and whats located around.

Live Offers

When the customer has the app open tracking their location or the location of the next bus, you can offer them offers and promotions right from within the app. These purchases can then be made within the same app without taking the customer elsewhere.
This is engaging and offers huge up-sell opportunities for your operation as customers will very often use the app to track the bus location when they arrive in destination.

Bus counter

Particularly in busy periods its important to know exactly how many passengers are on each bus. We track how many entry and exit scans

Passengers tracking

Track where passengers get on and off the bus around the city
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